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Topic: Mouse not working
started by: MrNase

Posted by MrNase on Nov. 26 2004,09:34
Hello all,

My mouse is not working :(

Iam using the latest embedded version on Windows XP Pro SP2 with a USB Wireless Optical Mouse.

Can I get some help please? :)

Posted by MrNase on Nov. 26 2004,10:12
Well the mouse is working now.. But how can I change the way the keyboard reacts? Iam in Germany so the keys have different functions. I tried config -> keyboard and I chose mac -> latin1-nodeadkeys but he doesn't seem to save the settings.

Pressing the arrow keys is producing numbers and so on :(

Posted by skaos on Nov. 26 2004,10:54
On a normal HD install, adding "loadkeys de" (without quotes) to /opt/bootlocal will fix it.
Posted by ico2 on Nov. 26 2004,16:46
it should be "loadkeys de.kmap.gz" and it can be run from a command prompt as well.
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