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Topic: mounting lexar 512 inside dsl-embedded
started by: sess

Posted by sess on Jan. 19 2005,15:07
I can't seem to mount my flash drive inside dsl embedded.  I haven't successfully been able to get my usb drive to boot (no boot utilities have worked for me)  I have files that I store directly to the usb drive outside the image.    Need access to those files.  HDA appears to be the image.  HDB is the location of the backup.tgz file, and sda, sda1, sdb, sdc etc don't work.  If its is at all possible (and I really can't see why it wouldn't especially if there is usb support  in dsl) how can I mount the whole drive?
Posted by Hasbro35 on Jan. 27 2005,19:39
Unfortunately QEMU does not have USB support (or it was not included in the DSL 0.9.2 version).  The only way to mount a real partition on the usb flashdrive is from another OS (I use Fedora Core 3) that can mount both the virtual drive /qemu/harddisk and the partition you want access to and to copy the files from the partition to the virtual drive.

If you want the virtual harddisk (/mnt/hdb) to be larger than the default 64MB then check out this link <;t=4107 >

"roberts" gives a good explanation of how to easily increase the size of the virtual drive.

I know it sucks, I wanted to do the same thing you did so Windows and DSL could share the files on a separate partition, but that's a limitation of QEMU, at least for the present.

Posted by Caspar_s on April 25 2005,16:35
Check through the qemu forums - apparently you can access the local system from the guest linux one - using samba.

Install samba.dsl
Open linneighbourhood and add the computer you need to access
(ie AUTOBOT, TRANSFORMERS, Then query and it will let you know if it can find it (Running "native" dsl, I just change my workgroup and they all appear - in embedded I have to add the computers individually for some reason)

Posted by muellerr1 on April 26 2005,18:38
Don't forget to share your USB drive in Windows or it won't show up in samba.
Posted by MikeHunt79 on May 06 2005,08:37
This might be of interest:

< >

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