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Topic: Trouble with Embedded DSL under linux
started by: shortname

Posted by shortname on April 07 2005,22:25
When I go to the bash shell and type:


I get the following error: line 2: qemu/qemu: Permission denied

I have absolutely no idea what is causing this...any suggestions?

P.S. I have a Lexar Jumpdrive Secure (128mb) with a FAT16 partition on it (according to qtparted).

Thanks much

Posted by oslinux on April 24 2005,12:02
Are you running the script as root?
The error means you are not the owner of the file and you don't have permission to execute, read, or write the file.
Try changing the file permision of qemu and any related files that give this error.
I believe the command is "sudo chmod 777 x" without the quotes.
Where x is the location of qemu, and sudo runs the command as root.Yyou may need the password for root, depending on the distro you use. :)

Posted by shortname on April 25 2005,20:47
Thats funny....I have root access, but it won't let me change the premissions of ANY of the files. Looks like I'd better just put all the dsl suff back on my flash drive after downloading it again. Hmm.......
Posted by shortname on April 25 2005,21:18
Huh. I changed the permissions of all the file to rwx for owner, group, and other; but once I put the file on my pen drive, their permissions changed! Any suggestins? I'm really lost now.

P.S. dsl-embedded runs fine under you think this has anything to do with the linux dirtro I'm using? (SimplyMEPIS). I shoehorned it onto my hard drive from a liveCD....perhaps I should switch to a standard distro (e.g. One designed for an HD install).

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