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started by: Sadie

Posted by Sadie on April 24 2005,12:49
I hope I am posting this in the corect forum. I had also thought of putting it in MyDSL but figured this to be the correct one.

I am using a Compaq EVO with 1g of ram. I have added the mydsl=hdb to the batchfile starting windows. When I run window-dsl.bat DSL starts and runs fine. My dsl files are loaded and appear in the menu. When I start NmapFE it comes up fine. When I run nmapFE, it starts fine and I can check the local host without problem. When I put in a valid IP and try to check for open port , it clocks for a while adn then I get  a window message box telling me QEMU must close and the rest of the blah,blah stuff that comes out of windows. Samba and other network apps work.

Does anyone have any advice for me?

Sadie :D

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