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started by: Vero

Posted by Vero on April 29 2005,16:29
I am using dsl-embedded 1.0.1 and having a time trying to setup networking by default it will boot with a 10.0.2.x ip and I can surf and ping the address on my host NIC (WIN2K) but when I try to set dsl-embed  for 192.168.100.x/24 ip nothing works??
checked all the common stuff subnet mask, ip, routes, ifup
etc. and ensured that all settings. used

ip addr add broad + dev eth0
ip route add default via

in order for this distro to be of use I have to be able to network it to the host OS (Windows 2000), can anybody help me with this??

how is dsl-emulating the NIC?


Posted by cbagger01 on April 29 2005,21:30
Go to the QEMU website and read up about how QEMU handles virtual PC networking.

DSL runs inside a "fake PC" or "virtual PC" with the QEMU program.

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