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started by: meo

Posted by meo on May 05 2005,12:41
Hi Y'all!

Is it possible make the backup on the virtual hd without crashing something vital for qemu? Thanks in advance for answers!

Have fun guys, but stay out of trouble,

Posted by roberts on May 05 2005,17:58
Sounds like a loaded question. Of course you can. The stock file has the backup already set to hdb, the virtual hard drive, just as prior versions have. Now, 1.1, has a new verision of Qemu, so maybe, if you have changed or hacked your version or possible may have a mixed group of exe which maybe crashing on you. So, far, I have not seen such. And from your other post about not being able to mount hdb, would certainly explain not being able to backup to hdb. I suspect either a bad download or mixiing versions of Qemu exe and support files or incompatible customizations.
Posted by meo on May 05 2005,18:42
Hi roberts!

Well I tried today to make a backup to hdb (or the virtual hd in qemu) mounted this way: #mount /mnt/sda1/qemu/harddisk /mnt/test -o loop. The backup utility just froze on me and nothing happened. The only thing I have done is a remaster of the KNOPPIX-file and just replaced the original one with the remastered one. I have done this with all the latest releases and it has worked just fine (until now). So the only way I can mount the virtual hd in qemu is as described above. It works but it certainly isn't conveniant to do like this. I hope there is another solution.

Have fun,

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