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started by: TrigunBallZ

Posted by TrigunBallZ on May 07 2005,00:52
Downloaded DSL embedded 1.1 and put it on my USB (Sandisk 512). Beautiful thing. Everything works the way I want it too, but found a couple interesting errors. Tried configuring Sylpheed to check my gmail. Double and triple checked the settings, but it just won't connect. (They use ports 465 and 995, and SSL.) I can browse the web fine with Dillo or Firefox, but I can't ping anything. How weird is that? Anyway, was wondering if anyone had any insight. It appears that qemu has a built-in firewall. Didn't know if that might have something to do with it. Any help is appreciated.


Posted by sega01 on May 07 2005,03:37
could be a couple things, but im guessing its youre router if you have one, so try opening the ports on the router and see if it works
Posted by cbagger01 on May 07 2005,03:42
Qemu has limited access to the Internet.

From the perspective of the host OS, qemu or QEMU.EXE is just another userprogram like FTP.EXE or IEXPLORE.EXE or ANOTHER_MS_WORM.EXE

You may need to adjust settings for QEMU itself and also for your local computer's firewall settings if you have an "application aware" firewall like Windows XP SP2 firewall, Zonealarm, etc.

Check out the qemu website for more information.

For generic host os firewalling issues that aren't specific to qemu, you may be able to find some help with similar problems by googling for help with the more established Virtual Machine software such as "vmware firewall" or "vmware SP2" for example.

Posted by TrigunBallZ on May 16 2005,01:22
Just wanted to give everone an update. Our computers in that office were firewalled, and the ports in question were being blocked. Still don't understand the ping error, but I got sylpheed working in other locations just fine. Thanks for the help though.
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