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Topic: work on other OSes?
started by: kyleca

Posted by kyleca on May 07 2005,13:25
Does DSL embedded work on other OSes beside Windows? Some of the computers I want to use DSL embedded on are Mac OS Xes.
Posted by roberts on May 07 2005,16:12
DSL is running in the virtual machine that Qemu provides.
So whatever qemu is supporting, DSL may very well run there too.
If you find a MAC Qemu binary, then please try it out and let us know.
I have no mac to try such.

Posted by Caspar_s on May 09 2005,21:12
Here is the OS X version of qemu:
< >
No mac, so I have no idea if it can run dsl.

Once you have that running, it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out how to change the embedded .zip to run with that one (just the image files and the various boot options from the .sh or .bat)

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