Mimimum size Compact Flash card?

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Topic: Mimimum size Compact Flash card?
started by: sk83k

Posted by sk83k on May 13 2005,14:27
Hi guys

I am hoping to run DSL on a compact flash card, with a CF to IDE adaptor.

Basically, what is the mimimum size CF card that I will need?

Thanks alot


Posted by ke4nt1 on May 13 2005,15:06
Using the frugal install ( compressed file system ) ,
it easily fits onto a 64MB CF card..
( runs off the CF just like it does the LiveCD )

Keep in mind that you don't want to use the CF like
you would a HD, because of the limited life writability of CF.

Running DSL via frugal keeps the filesystem read-only,
which CF has no problem with..
You can keep your settings, bookmarks, etc in your backup ..

I use this method in my Jeep for running DSL on a
mini-itx box serving mp3's for my car audio..
It works great !


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