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started by: bpislife

Posted by bpislife on Sep. 08 2005,21:18
I am curious about something that i could really use some help on.  

first just as an F.Y.I. I am not a beginner with Linux however i am not an expert by any means.  

The question i have is, if i wanted to display an image during the boot process, rather then it displaying what it is doing (such as configuring devices etc.) how can i do that...if i can?

I don't want to see any Linux post saying configuring this or configuring that.

Thanks for you help guys,

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Sep. 08 2005,22:09
There are a few programs that will do what you are wanting, such as bootsplash (, but DSL does not include one of them, because they do not add functionality, and tend to be rather large.


Posted by bpislife on Sep. 09 2005,00:19
How hard is it to implement bootsplash?  I also need to install Lirc.  My last goal is to get DSL to boot directly into a program that will take up the entire screen.  If anyone knows, has already done, or can point me in the right direction, that would help me dramatically.
Posted by bpislife on Sep. 09 2005,01:14
I was just thinking, i noticed during the boot process that there is some DSL stuff, such as the picture of the pengiun and the  ------ symbols that spell out DSL.  Is there a file that can be edited that would remove all the displays so the start up is blank?  I don't know enough about Linux or DSL to implement bootsplash.
Posted by Fordi on Sep. 27 2005,20:20
It requires editing the linuxrc shellscript, the init.d scripts, remastering the initrd and CD.  You up to that?

'cos otherwise, I really don't feel like having to experiment for hours in order to teach someone else.

Posted by doobit on Sep. 28 2005,16:46
I would think you could add a bootsplash image to the grub/menu.lst if you wanted and image to appear under the grub menu.
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