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started by: timb

Posted by timb on Sep. 09 2005,11:19
Hi all,
I am evaluating small linux's to stick on a car computer (mini itx format) for the development of software to control a machine - a sort of press.

I have the mini itx hardware and have dsl 1.5 running on it in under 1 hr. I also have qemu running.  All of this in under 3 hours. (also got another full sized server built under qemu at the same time) - hey the gods were with me this afternoon - but where were they when the mower wouldnt start this morning?

Now my head turns to my development issues. The software I have already developed for my client uses WxPython, and python (of course).

Has any one done this under dsl?

Now I realise that I will need a real big install of dsl to add in my development tool chain - there's one building in the next window :-} It also looks like I will be able to apt-get the tools... So far looking good....

Any how - any comments or experiences developing apps to run under dsl?  Python?

To all those who got this project to where it is - my hats off to you....

btw I am in the land downunder - Australia - in the outback :D  :angry:

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