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started by: bpislife

Posted by bpislife on Sep. 20 2005,03:27
Hey guys i got a tough one for ya,

1)I know there is a way to do it because i have seen it done but i can't remember how they did this.  What i am trying to do is have the computer boot normally, but when it is about to load windows, i need it to go to a new html screen that i created rather then the desktop.  I know there is a command in terminal to do that same thing, but i can't remember for the life of me what it is.  

What i mean is, you have X that runs the desktop with the icons.  I want to open a similiar graphical environment, but rather then the desktop, just a blank screen with mouse and keyboard support.  I dont know what file or command i should use.  

2) i am trying to get an ATI Remote wonder 2 to work with DSL and i know if i use "insmod" command i can get it to install and it will use the config file i already made for it.  Can you please tell me which file i should write a small script in to get it to insmod automatically for me at boot?


Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 20 2005,04:04
1) /home/dsl/.xinitrc controls what applications are started with an X session.  If you just want a blank screen, you'd remove everything.  But you'd probably want to at least have a terminal started, or you won't be able to do anything.

2) /opt/

Posted by bpislife on Sep. 21 2005,14:29
That is exactly the information i was looking for.  Thanks.
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