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started by: B@se

Posted by B@se on Sep. 20 2005,14:52
Lads, was just trying something out here. Got hold off an autorun file wich works fine on cdroms but I want to use it to start DSl from an USB memstick. Can this be done?

Cause it wouldn't start at all, used the autirun bat file and it works but when I plug the usb stick into a port it doesn't work... Or do these scripts not work via an usb stick?

Posted by cbagger01 on Sep. 20 2005,16:53
I think it only works on some types of Windows OS and it requires a registry tweak to make it work.
Posted by B@se on Sep. 20 2005,17:04
What i did was just like creating a self starting autorun cd-rom. I took three parts, M$-dos batch file/ Autorun setup/ shortcut to M$-dos prompt.
The problem is that it does detect my USB stick but presumable not  able to run a autorun feature on a usb stick... The script runs fine, iff I use a cmd to the M$-dos batch file (second just pointing to the original of the embedded version) it will just run superb.

I don't know if this a M$ "feature" to not start autorun scripts from a usb Hdd/ mem stick.

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