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Topic: Cannot access the guest thru host?
started by: bugmenot2

Posted by bugmenot2 on Oct. 07 2005,03:38
I just downloaded the embedded version of DSL, I run it in my XP, everything works fine. But then when I tried qemu -redir to connection to SSH, it doesnot work. Here's what I've done:
1, use the .bat file to fire up DSL
2, go to cpanel to start SSHD
3, go back to host and run qemu -redir tcp:22::22
4, try ssh from host to guest
5, connection refused

I can connect to SSH inside the guest DSL machine. Can anyone help me?

Posted by mstrhelix on Oct. 13 2005,02:48
its easier to get out on the guest than it is to get in... ie.... you could ssh to windows easy with sshd running on windows
Posted by Richard Neill on Nov. 24 2005,04:53
I've just been bitten by this. Apparently, it's a known (but not published) bug with SLIRP. The solution: instead of
 ssh  localhost

where is any IP address associated with your host machine (eg eth0) that is not localhost/

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