Redirecting serial port to network interface

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Topic: Redirecting serial port to network interface
started by: gonvaled

Posted by gonvaled on Oct. 19 2005,15:57
I am running DSL in a Windows XP box. I would like to encapsulte the serial port (COM1) into an IP connection to a given IP address, where it would be de-capsulated again and accessed with a terminal program. How can I achieve this?
Posted by clacker on Oct. 19 2005,17:51
gonvaled, I'm not exactly what you are trying to do.  Do you want to be able to send data to a remote computer's COM1 port using another computer where the two are connected over the internet?

If the host machine (the one with the com port you are trying to read and write to) was running dsl with the ssh daemon turned on, you could connect to it using ssh from the remote machine.  Then you could run microcom on the host machine from the remote machine, viewing the results in a terminal window on the remote machine.

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