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started by: Overclocked

Posted by Overclocked on Nov. 04 2005,02:16
I need to log in as root, but I cant do that, because I need the password.

What is the password OR How can I reset it/edit it?

Im booting it from inside windows.

I love this version of linux, its small and has what I need in it. I'll be installing it on a P133 Laptop.

But since the cd rom doesnt work I was going to install it on this computer but on the laptop hardrive. Then transfer it back to the laptop. Will this mess anything up?

I also found a small bug, when I alt tab between windows and linux, I cant seem to type in X terminal. I also noticed when I reboot it in windows it hangs on the step booting from hardrive..

EDIT: I cant type in any where when that happens.

Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 04 2005,03:01
Whatever focus/reboot issues you are having are the responsibility of Windows (the host system) or Qemu.  These problems do not exist in DSL running on its own, and therefore are not DSL bugs.

You should probably consider using the search feature for questions that are so in-you-face as the lack of a root password (did you think it was some secret code being given only to the selected ones?:D):
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Posted by Overclocked on Nov. 04 2005,03:45
Thanks I found it :)


sudo su


passwd root.

EDIT: one other thing, Does DSL support Automatic hardware detection (like windows) Does it support wifi? and PCMCIA Ports?

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