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started by: novdar

Posted by novdar on Nov. 08 2005,23:28
I am new to DSL (I have some experience with RH and SuSE).  So far I think it is INCREDIBLE!

I am trying to add another Hard Drive to my Embedded DSL running on a 1GB USB Drive under WinXP.  I created a 500MB Drive using QEMU-IMG.  It is in the RAW format.  I was able to modify the dsl-windows.bat to get it to recognize the file.  I cannot mount it and it does not show up as a valid device.  I really want to make all of this work on the USB device so I can demonstrate some software that needs the J2SDK installed initially.  I was able to download the J2SDK installer but it barfs telling me I need more space on the Disk, that is what I am try to accomplish with the 500MB "harddrive".  

Please list the steps clearly to get the drive 'hdext' which I have placed in the 'qemu' folder to be active and allow me to store and run the J2SDK installer and untar some other files (that only need the JRE to run).  

Thanks a bunch!

Posted by novdar on Nov. 09 2005,05:40
Well, I muscled my way through it but I think my solution is quite ugly, i.e. bad,bad,bad use of directories.  Here are my basic steps.

1) Create the qemu image for larger 2d harddrive
(using qemu-img details are found here -- <;st=0 >  and here -- < >
2) Placed file in qemu folder of embedded dsl directory
3) Altered .bat file and designated new file as /hdc
4) started DSL
5) went to Terminal
6) sudo su to Root
7) mounted new drive:  mount /dev/hdc  became /mnt/hdc
8) cd /mnt
9) mke2fs hdc
10) to check existence:  cat /proc/mounts
11) chown -R dsl /mnt/hdc
12) exit (go back to dsl)
13) cd /mnt/hdc
14) download and successfully installed j2sdk.  set jre in PATH, verified version
15) Shutdown and restarted machine
16) mounted hdc with GUI tool
17) went to terminal and cd /mnt/hdc
18) j2sdk directory was there
19) YATTAH!  -- Japanese for Hooray!

I would like to actually get away from using the /ramdisk to hold the /home for the dsl user.  How can I do this?

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