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started by: its_toby

Posted by its_toby on Nov. 11 2005,02:11
Hey Guys

I just openned DSL and as it was booting up (within Windows) all the script was rainbow colored and after it opened the screen was only about 30% of the open window.  Can anyone help me with this?



Posted by tomb on Nov. 17 2005,03:50
I have the same problem. DSL worked great in embedded mode on my two laptops but gives the same problems as its_toby has on my CRT monitors. Sure would appreciate someone pointing us in the right direction.


Posted by mordor on Nov. 28 2005,12:20
I have the same on my desktop. Worked before on Win2000, now with XP I see the same effects as described above.
Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Nov. 28 2005,14:47
This is a problem with Windows, not Qemu or DSL.

Set your resolution to 16 bit color and see what happens.

Play with the settings. The windows gui is really stupid handling some things.

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