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started by: nigel

Posted by nigel on Nov. 21 2005,01:22
Windows 2000
athlon XP 2200
512 Mb ram
64mb graphics cards

I've downloaded the latest release candidate and ver 1.5 of the embedded dsl distro and have been trying then out, and they work way better than i ever imagined, but a little slow,
so I replaced the supplied version of Qemu with the latest version from OSzoo, which has Kqemu support built in (yes i installed Kqemu) and nothing works,
I see the directory structure of QEMU has changed or is different to the existing version,
has anybody been able to update the embedded DSL to the new version of qemu?
Could they give a newb a few pointers?


Posted by xaros2000 on Nov. 25 2005,23:53
1)Go to hxxp://www.h7.dion.ne.jp/~qemu-win/
2)Scroll down to the link "Accelerators":
3)Download Qemu-Install-0.7.2.exe and install it.
4)Overwrite the qemu.exe that's included in DSL-embedded,
  with the one that you have just installed.
5)You can now safely unistall Qemu 0.7.2 from program files,
  if you want to,of cource.
6)Go to hxxp://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu/download.html
7)Download kqemu-0.7.2.tar.gz and extract it,using tar or winrar.
8)You only need two files:the kqemu.inf and the driver himself,
the others are required only if compiling from source.
9)Right-click kqemu.inf and choose Install.
That's the whole installation.
Now,if you just start qemu,
NO acceleration is enabled by default.
There's one extra step,
that is needed to be made everytime you want to start qemu with acceleration enabled:
Open a console(start-run-cmd) and type "net start kqemu",
without the quotes.Then start qemu...
Sorry if those instructions were too analytical,
you said "newbie"...well,
these were for the complete computer newbie ;-)
I've done these steps on Athlon,
Damn Small Linux 2 with success.
Haven't had time to try it on Intel yet,so I cannot quarantee.
By the way,two more things:
a)Qemu acceleration on windows is considered experimental,
you get my point...
b)After done with these steps,while running qemu,
press ctrl+alt+2 to see the qemu monitor.
Type "info kqemu" without quotes:
this will show you if acceleration is enabled or not.
ctrl+alt+1 to get back to Damn Small Linux...

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