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started by: rxmanjk

Posted by rxmanjk on Nov. 24 2005,14:18
OK I have been play playing with dsl cdrom and now wish to run embedded under windowsxp.  I downloaded qemu.  What do I need to do to run dsl from cdrom under xp?  I guessing to change with qemu batch file but I am lost.  Thanks for the bandwidth - RXMAN
Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 24 2005,14:27
Quick fix:
Download the DSL-embedded zip file instead.  It includes qemu and a premade bat file. I assume it can be run from a CD, if that's what you need.

Posted by rxmanjk on Nov. 24 2005,19:10
Thanks that worked fine.  Any way to access my windows hd to listen to mp3 etc?
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