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started by: huntercjcarroll

Posted by huntercjcarroll on Nov. 26 2005,15:46
I'm running the embeded version of my usb flash drive and i cannot get it to connect to a lan, i have tried this on 2 computers. the routers ip is the ip of the computer i'm on is, or depending on the where i am. i have i have the computers set to auto get an ip and i believe everything should be nice and happy and that i should be on the internet, but i'm not and i have no idea why not, so please help me.
Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 26 2005,19:18
DSL embedded does not connect directly to your network.

Instead, it uses a Windows program QEMU.EXE to do the virtual connection.

If you are running a firewall like "Windows XP SP2 firewall", or ZoneAlarm or Norton Firewall, you will need to allow QEMU.EXE to talk to the Internet.

Posted by huntercjcarroll on Nov. 26 2005,22:46
hmmm.... the comps i've used have outpost pro on them and of course i can't try it now, because i'm  at a different comp  :;):
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