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started by: Amir Shah

Posted by Amir Shah on Nov. 29 2005,23:25
Hi, My embedded DSL works fine, but the screen is kinda small, and I can't figure out how to make it bigger (maximize, and pulling it dont work)



Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 30 2005,04:22


to return to windowed size, press



Posted by Guest on Dec. 27 2005,17:37
Anyone have a SERIOUS response to the question?? I can not get it working effectively..


Posted by cbagger01 on Dec. 27 2005,20:40
OK, maybe if I type it S L O W E R you will take me seriously.

(1) Boot DSL embedded.

(2) After the graphical mode appears, press the CONTROL and the ALT and the F keys AT THE SAME TIME.

QEMU will then enter FULL SCREEN MODE and everything will be easier to see.

Posted by Guest on Dec. 28 2005,22:43
It still doesn't work.. all it does is kick me out of the program..

If you have any other ideas don't hesitate to email me at

Posted by Guest on Dec. 29 2005,01:15
Sorry I was wrong.. It does in fact work, it just doesnt do what I was looking for.. Is there any way to change the resolution of the image in qemu? I am currently getting an image that is squished into the left 1/4 of the screen which is unreadable..

Posted by cbagger01 on Dec. 29 2005,20:29
Edit the dsl-windows.bat file.

Add the word "xsetup" after the word "frugal"

Save the File and start embedded.

Choose XVESA for your server.

Choose the desired display resolution and color depth.

Always choose "PS2" mouse when running embedded even if you really have a USB mouse.

Posted by spiider on Jan. 01 2006,08:22
cntl-alt-F works for me just fine.  :cool:
Posted by desnotes on Jan. 01 2006,18:24
I have noticed that some of the later versions of Qemu do in fact crash when going to full screen. It crashes on Qemu 0.7.2 but not on 0.7.0 for me. I haven't tried the latest version yet. Qemu 0.8.0 has changed some of the called options also.

I would recommend when setting up xsetup, not to select 24 bit color but go down a few notches and see if that helps.

As soon as I get some time I am going to do the same thing when I get some time and will post results here and on the qemu-devel mailing list.

Posted by desnotes on Jan. 01 2006,18:56
I just did a quick test between Qemu 0.7.0 and Qemu 0.7.2. I could not get 0.7.0 to crash at all despite the resolution and the color depth selected when going to full screen (Ctrl - Alt - F4). However, when using Qemu 0.7.2 it crashed everytime when going to full screen, despite the resolution size and color depth. Here are the settings I used in my test:

USB Mouse: No
IMPS/2: Yes

Resolutions checked:

Color depths checked:
32 bit
24 bit
16 bit

Host computer:
AMD 64 3500+
Diamond X800XL 256 MB Video card

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