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started by: Leigh

Posted by Leigh on Nov. 28 2005,15:11
Hey there folks,

I downloaded the embedded version of dsl today and am very impressed.  I used "dpkg-restore" so I could use apt-get. Changed the sources and ran "apt-get update" all was good.

Whilst still messing about with my new toy, I rebooted it.  When it came back, my apt get and it's settings were gone.  I wrote out a quick test document on FLWriter, rebooted again, but that is still there.

Any thoughts on what I need to keep apt-get and it's sources in there ?

Many thanks in advance,

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Nov. 28 2005,15:20
Quote (Leigh @ Nov. 28 2005,09:11)
Any thoughts on what I need to keep apt-get and it's sources in there ?


Apt-get and embedded really are not meant to be used together. In fact, embedded is really only meant to be used as a demo, or for some quick Un*x work when you can't boot from the CD.

You could dump the apt extension into the virtual hdd (hdb, I think) and add mydsl=hdb to the dsl-windows.bat, but you will still have to install everyting you want from apt everytime you restart qemu, since it runs a compressed filesystem, like the live CD or a frugal install.

Posted by Leigh on Dec. 01 2005,13:00
Thanks for that - much appreciated.


Posted by cbagger01 on Dec. 01 2005,18:04
I suppose if you were adventurous, you could


your virtual machine state useing the QEMU console and then restore it in the exact same state, kinda like a laptop hybernate function.

In this situation, you would never "reboot" your virtual machine and then you would not lose your apt-gotten stuff.

Posted by roberts on Dec. 01 2005,21:49
It is pretty easy to save the virtual machine state in the vmplayer edition.
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