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Topic: Low graphics games for old lappy?
started by: Phinger

Posted by Phinger on Dec. 30 2005,18:53
I havn't played any of the games in the repository besides the card games. Any suggestions for my 2mb video lappy?
Posted by cbagger01 on Dec. 30 2005,20:22
Posted by MethodOne on Dec. 31 2005,16:36
If you use DOOM, make sure you provide one or more of the following wads:
doom.wad (original or Ultimate)
doom1.wad (shareware)
doom2.wad (freedoom or commercial)

You can download < freedoom > and the shareware wad for free.  tnt and plutonia come from Final DOOM.  You can also find the commercial wads on the DOOM Collector's Edition CD, which can be found near the budget games at your favorite store.

Posted by 300c_pilot on Jan. 02 2006,16:40
The laptop I use has a neomagic video card that can be used on one meg, so what I have tried is using old shareware windows games under wine ( a 5.00 cd bought at walmart with 99 games on it). As long as they do not require 3dfx or direct x they seam to run.

Happy gaming...

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