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Topic: epsxe (PS Emu) for dsl
started by: podcastnet

Posted by podcastnet on Jan. 02 2006,08:31
can some one convert this ps emulator (epsxe for linux) to a mydsl thing for me please. i have a torrent that you can download that has the program, bio and plugins to work. its about 8.5mb and will be always be downloadable intil i say on this post.

please help someone

< epsxe160lin Torrent >

Posted by podcastnet on Jan. 12 2006,09:47
torrent down soon why cant some one help me. i know nothing about linux. i only know windows and i need a linux version so i can use the eumlator faster.

torrent up until

14 January 2006 9:00am +1100

please help

Posted by Dukeman on Jan. 29 2006,16:07
Well, for starters;

Downloading the BIOS is illegal, and so is distributing it.
if you own a PSX you may fetch a BIOS from it for "fair use".

Now that that's over with, i have a few relevant things to say as well. (I'll just assume you have the legal right to use the Emulator and BIOS and so on)

I have ePSXe up and running on my slackware system, and i'm picking up DSL again to use it on my brand new USB-stick (Thank you Microsoft, for throwing these out at seminars :))

I would also be interested in running ePSXe from DSL, so if i have the time i'll learn to create a myDSL extension for it, and if so, i'll obviously publish it.
It would take some general Linux knowledge (Moving files ;)) to combine such a myDSL package with your BIOS file of choice and configuring it.

For example, i would include a MesaGL (Software?) and a GLX2 (Higher end Hardware) plugin for graphics, a sound plugin, padjoy for controls and so on. But what if it works perfectly for me but not for you?
Would you be able to fix it yourself or would you visit me at home with an axe?

Maybe i'm exagerating here, but i think you get my point.

My suggestion is you wait for me or someone else to get some work done with this, lest you should ever want to learn how, and in the meantime play around with DSL and linux in general!

Learn to understand the filesystem
Learn to master cp, mv, rm or mc if you're weak

In a while you'll probably be stuck, in love with the penguin like the rest of this part of the world wide web.

Good luck!

dukemanstrash (at) gmail (_dot) com

Posted by podcastnet on Jan. 31 2006,20:45
thanks very much and i will wait. How about the only thing you have to do is find the BIOS yourself and include all the graphic, sound, pad plugins so people can confige it themselfs.

My windows is sooooooo slow its hard just play Game Boy Advance games but owell. i am going back to school today so i will be still waiting but now not as much. i will redo the torrent for you soon as posable (I am having problems with bit torrent)

hope you reply


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