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started by: shadowcaster

Posted by shadowcaster on Jan. 04 2006,19:42
Hi everyone. I'm very new to linux and know next to nothing. I downloaded a few *.dsl games from the website and moved them onto my harddrive (dsl is on the HD) and then double clicked it. Then it prints a message under the file manager that it cannot allocate color. The game doesn't start.

My pc is old but I am able to play the tetris game and the card games that come bundled with dsl, and it has a 4MB graphics card which should run a simple snake game or something small. How would I know what graphics card I have, and if that is the problem?


Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 04 2006,19:54
when you double-click a *.dsl file, it does not run the is just installed.  You still need to run the program from icon or mydsl menu.  The "cannot allocate color" message is not a is just infomation and does no harm at all.  The latest DSL versions prevent the message from displaying.

You should also make sure to read the info file accompanying any mdsl extension you get, partcularly for games and gtk2 apps.  Some games will require installation of xfree86, and some require video hardware acceleration.

Posted by shadowcaster on Jan. 04 2006,23:22
Ahhh, excellent. I've got the games working now. :) How do I uninstall the games that I don't like?
Posted by AwPhuch on Jan. 05 2006,00:47
remove the *.dsl file and reboot


Posted by shadowcaster on Jan. 05 2006,19:59
Cheers Guys. Very helpful. Thanks!
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