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Topic: Cannot run quake2
started by: BlackMan890

Posted by BlackMan890 on Jan. 04 2006,23:58
Hi guys...

I recently downloaded Quake 2 to my Dsl USB but it won't start...

Why is that?

Posted by AwPhuch on Jan. 05 2006,00:46
Because.....ummm....crystal ball is cloudy...seeing the furture difficult is...

We cant read minds bud..give us some more info

Hardware specs..yadda yadda....the more we know the faster we can help!



Posted by zed on Jan. 19 2006,19:40
i got same problem
Posted by ke4nt1 on Jan. 20 2006,23:14
Umm...   because you didn't add your own data/map files ?

The engine that runs under linux is GPL'd.
The maps and levels aren't.

You can use the files from the shareware version,
or add your own from your provided CD's ..

The included info file does instruct you to add your own maps.

Even the shareware version are large, at about 40MB's.
Makes for an unnecessarily large download from DSL servers.


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