I made a .dsl for Secret Maryo Chronicles

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Topic: I made a .dsl for Secret Maryo Chronicles
started by: plinej

Posted by plinej on Jan. 11 2006,00:53
I put it up on the linux tracker if anyone's interested in it.
< http://linuxtracker.org/torrents-details.php?id=1226 >
The website for the game is at < http://www.secretmaryo.org/ >
It's a pretty cool Super Mario Brothers clone.

Posted by plinej on Jan. 11 2006,00:56
I forgot to mention that the sdl library is built into the dsl so it should be a self sufficient dsl.
Posted by plinej on Jan. 11 2006,01:50
Apparently they didn't like that torrent being hosted there. I'll try and post it somewhere else if anyone wants it. Let me know.
Posted by Red04Bull on Jan. 11 2006,03:17
i would like it
Posted by plinej on Jan. 11 2006,03:32
Alright, I'll get it out for anyone who wants it. Anyone want to host the mydsl extensions I've made? I e-mailed a bunch to get added to the testing repository but they haven't been added yet. I also fixed a couple of them since then. Is there somewhere I can upload them?
Posted by JB4x4 on Jan. 11 2006,03:40
I would also be interested, if you can find hosting
Posted by Red04Bull on Jan. 11 2006,04:20
i could host it with torrent and on a web site with torrent dl on the web site also
Posted by plinej on Jan. 11 2006,04:37
Alright, I put it up on my Azureus tracker for whoever wants it.
< http://plinej.no-ip.org:6969 >

Posted by plinej on Jan. 11 2006,04:40
here's the md5 checksum:
918548cd832a6bbc15bc4ff9864b8021  smc-0.97.dsl

here's the info file:
Title:          smc-0.97.dsl
Description:    Secret Maryo Chronicles v0.97
Version:        0.97
Author:         < http://www.secretmaryo.org/ >
Original-site:  http://www.secretmaryo.org/
Copying-policy: GPL
Extension by:   plinej
Comments:       This game is a very good clone of Super Mario Brothers.
Change-log:     < http://www.secretmaryo.org/index.php?page=new >
Current:        07/04/2005

Posted by plinej on Jan. 11 2006,20:54
I tweaked some things with this smc.dsl. I shaved off 6mb's by removing documents and various unneeded text. I split it up into 3 parts as well. I made a sdl-libs.dsl so you can use it for other games that depend on the sdl libraries. I also split the music off as a seperate dsl that isn't needed to play the game and is 17mb's in itself.
I probably should've posted this in the mydsl games section so I'll move it over there. Here's the new link

< http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....785;r=1 >

Posted by AwPhuch on Jan. 12 2006,01:25
Awesome!!! Great Job!  How processor intensive is it...will it play on a VERY old machine?


Posted by plinej on Jan. 13 2006,23:04
I'm not sure. I've got a newer laptop and it works fine. My wife plays that game on a Pentium 3 Windows laptop and it runs fine.
Posted by doobit on Jan. 16 2006,20:37
OK, email it to me, and I'll give it a try.
doobit2 at hotmail dot com.

Posted by AwPhuch on Jan. 17 2006,00:18
Oh...I thought you posted up!

Man oh man...would the DSL guys be willing to host the "Full" package in the DSL repository?


Posted by plinej on Jan. 17 2006,01:54
doobit2, I sent the smc.dsl & sdl-libs.dsl needed to play the game. I didn't include the 17mb's of music though. I also sent another game dependant on the sdl-libs called Abe's Amazing Adventure.
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