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Topic: Can it Be, a Team Speak Serverfor WOW?
started by: 300c_pilot

Posted by 300c_pilot on Jan. 20 2006,07:07
My son wanted a teamspeak server for World of Warcraft. He started his own clan, so he just had to have one. We set one up on a AMD 350, 256mb & ide hard drive. On the hardness scale I would put this at a 3.  We have had a max of 5 people on it yet, fair quality on a 200k up / 1.5m down cable modem.

Go to < >
and download the server to the /home/dsl directory, after agreeing to the user agreement.

Then from a root shell/terminal exicute the following commands:

tar -xvjf ts2_server_rc2_20201.tar.bz2

chmod -r 755 tss2_rc2

cd tss2_rc2

nano server.log
(look for a line in there that says admin & superadmin, passwords  and write them down)
Hit Ctrl-x to exit, do not save changes.

Open a user shell/terminal for the rest of the commands:
./teamspeak2-server_startscript start

It should be running now, open Firefox and in the address bar put in < http://localhost:14534 >  (localhost can also be your ipaddress)

Login to the web page and setup your server, then go back to the website above and download the client, and install it on your computer you want to use it on. Us, it is windows boxes, however there is a Linux cllient maybe I will try it tomorrow.

Everyday this little distro amazes me in its versitility, flexability and friendly-ness. It is a fine piece of work.

Smooth flights... :)

Posted by 300c_pilot on Jan. 20 2006,07:13
Forgot to mention, read the Readme files that are included with the server package. They tell you what to do in the web page to make everything come together smoothly for clients to connect. Total install and setup time was under 30 minutes.
Smooth flights....:)

Posted by AwPhuch on Jan. 21 2006,05:02
Yah kinda almost just what I did on my ClarkConnect box!
< >!

Great job man!


Posted by 300c_pilot on Jan. 28 2006,21:29
You did a much better job on writing it up, kudos to you. I wish I had found yours first.


Posted by 300c_pilot on Mar. 07 2006,05:30
To make teamspeak start after booting.

The way I will show you, it is best for the DSL user to run the Teamspeak server... My current Teamspeak is installed in the /home/dsl/tss2_rc2/ directory & you will need to modify the scripts below to reflect where you installed yours.

Open Beaver and type the following lines into a new file:

cd /home/dsl/tss2_rc2
/home/dsl/tss2_rc2/teamspeak2-server_startscript start

Then save it as /home/dsl/.teamspeak

From a root shell type chmod 777 /home/dsl/.teamspeak

In emelfm as root hit the "H" so you can see the hidden files in the /home/dsl directory. In there is a file named  .xinitrc,  edit it.

After the line that starts with dillo & ends with an "&" hit enter at the end to add another line below it. Make sure there is an "&" at the ends of the lines.Then type in the blank line you added:
/home/dsl/.teamspeak &

Then save it and reboot. Teamspeak should then run automatically as the dsl user.

Brian, I forgot about your post, hopefully I did not waste the last hour..& you had this covered.

Posted by jls legalize on Mar. 07 2006,11:54
can u make a .dsl or a .uci of it?
Posted by 300c_pilot on Mar. 12 2006,08:29
I have not made a .dsl or .uci yet, I may try too. Anyone else feel free to jump in and make it.

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