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started by: 300c_pilot

Posted by 300c_pilot on Jan. 26 2006,07:32
Ok, I have run across a post somewhere that said, "Windows games on Linux, Welcome to Video Card HELL," and they were right.  I have got COD single player and CODUO multi-player running on Redhat (under KDE only), however they refuse to work on DSL.

My test machine has an ATI 9550 w/256megs of mem.  2.7g P4 overclocked to 2.93 /512meg DDR400@2.6volts. The ATI drivers appear to install but when you start  the game you get an error that states, " Your video card does not support one of the requirements to run COD, Install the latest drivers for your video card."  Simular results with S3, Nividia & Intel video cards.

Anyones thoughts would be helpful.

To get as far as me, install wine. There is a very good post in here, search for wine.

Then setup COD, the only thing that you need to do is download a no-cd hack (google it or Otherwise it will not eject the first cd when it needs to load the second cd. Actually installs faster then on a Win2k OS on the same machine.

Please post any finds.

Posted by 300c_pilot on Jan. 30 2006,09:03
COD2 is installed but I get an error that states your Video card does not support dynamic textures. COD1 & UO give simular errors. Has anyone have any suggestions to installing/configuring ATI drivers? Tomorrow I install a Nividia & try again. I am in Video Card Helllllll.
300c_Pilot :(

Posted by AwPhuch on Jan. 30 2006,18:24
Well NVIDIA drivers are a nightmare...

Have you been building those drivers specifically for the 2.4.3* kernel?

I also know you need to use Xfree86.dsl to activate the more "powerful" versions of the x servers that can support those better video cards

I thought there were NVIDIA drivers in a .dsl package already made


Posted by 300c_pilot on Feb. 03 2006,05:47
I bought a Nividia card just cause there was drivers in dsl for it. No dice it appears I have gotten as far as anyone else. :(
Posted by 300c_pilot on Feb. 03 2006,05:53
Sorry, I have the drivers for the 2.4 kernel, the ati's made no difference, except for a minute & only for a minute I run dual monitors. I have not been able to get the duals back.

I will also add that under wine you can run a COD2 server and rcon4cod2 to manage that server. Just follow the directions for setting them up on windows. :)

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