how 3D video card i can use in DSL ?

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Topic: how 3D video card i can use in DSL ?
started by: peczenyj

Posted by peczenyj on Jan. 31 2006,03:30
64Mb GE Force 4 MX4000
128Mb GE Force 4 MX4000
128Mb GE Force FX 5200
128Mb GE Force FX 5500
128Mb GE Force 6200
128Mb GE Force 6600
128Mb GE Force 6600GT
128Mb Asus GE Force TI4600
256Mb GE Force FX 5500

how 3d card is the best to use with DSL (using nvidia.dsl) ?

Posted by green on Jan. 31 2006,04:28
I have:

128Mb GE Force FX 5200

I am not saying it is the best, but it does well. However, you would want to use xfree86 and the nvidia.dsl from the repository to take advantage of what it offers. That is not too hard to do.

Posted by tempestuous on Jan. 31 2006,13:43
Yes, any nVidia GeForce4 (& up) is a good choice, for a particular reason; the nvidia.dsl package adds DRI (Direct Rendering Infrastructure) capability.  This feature "unlocks" the full potential of XFree86's OpenGL capability.  Just check that the agpgart and nvidia kernel modules are loaded with "lsmod".

DRI modules and libraries can be compiled for other graphics cards, too, although there are presently no dsl packages available.  See here < >
I installed DRI in Vector Linux on a VIA Epia mini-ITX system (600MHz).  Before DRI was installed the test utility "glxgears" reported a maximum frame-rate of 90 FPS.  After DRI was installed, 500 FPS!

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