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Topic: eboard engine fails
started by: lovdsl

Posted by lovdsl on Feb. 17 2006,21:39
I have dsl on hd..installed eboard..the board opens and I choose peer and playcomp..choose crafty and click ok..it says below started then that engine failed..how do I get the engine to run so I can play chess...please and thanks...almost there..lovdsl
Posted by lovdsl on Feb. 22 2006,22:58
Well after days of searching and fiddleing and surfing I realize that the engine works if someone wanted to play that way..the board works for what that is worth..but they do not work together..has anyone actually installed eboard to dsl on hd( not the frugal)and had it work? I give up..but would be interesting to know if anyone got it to work..lingering curiousity.
Posted by lovdsl on Feb. 23 2006,07:29
hahaha..I was solveing the dillo at boot issue and found the hidden file eboard...copy book.bin and books.bin to it from var/lib/crafty and it works..wild..h saves the day
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