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started by: Jeppe

Posted by Jeppe on Mar. 02 2006,19:03
Hey, yay my first post on this forum ^.^

I'm thinking of start using DSL, it's small, fast, furious and you nerd around. But will it be possible for me to play World of Warcraft without sitting half the night writing in the console, just to learn that it is not working. I tried this in Hubuntuu, or what ever that one is called, which I actually never liked. So - Is it possible to play World of Warcraft?

Posted by Capslock on Mar. 14 2006,06:55
You could but you would have to install Cedega first.

< >

Posted by 300c_pilot on Mar. 26 2006,23:40
I do not believe it works at 100% yet but they are getting close. Bad thing is it costs to use it.

Posted by crusadingknight on Mar. 27 2006,02:49
Forward to WINE Application database: < >

The most info you'll find on running WoW on linux can be found in the comments there. It used to work quite well for a while... but then blizzard broke a few things with patches.

Posted by 300c_pilot on Mar. 31 2006,06:52
Level 60 characters are being sold for as much as $800.00. 100 gold gets you about $40.00. According to my two kids, Blizzard does something every couple of weeks to stay ahead of people trying to get away with things, hacking, cracking and cheating. Lends its self to breaking a few things along the way.
Smooth Flights...

Posted by 300c_pilot on April 05 2006,04:01
I just read on a website, linked from that you can roll your own version of Cedega. I also saw that WOW 3 works pretty well, but no mention of the newest versions.  Heres the how too, < >

Cedega opens up a bunch of different games. A little effort will save some hard earned cash.

Posted by 300c_pilot on April 08 2006,01:25
You might want to read this how too, it appears version 1.9 works fine now. < >


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