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started by: Determinator

Posted by Determinator on Mar. 06 2006,16:22
I'm planning on building a machine which will mainly be used as a SNES emulator based on a mini-ITX board, and, of course, DSL.
Now before I start wasting money on things that can't work, I just would like to know whether it is under DSL possible at all to get the original SNES controllers working by connecting them to the parallel port, as shown < here >. If anybody has already collected experience with that matter and would like to share it or knows a step-by-step tutorial, that would also be very helpful. (/me is a linux amateur)

Posted by 300c_pilot on Mar. 07 2006,05:54
This is the only SNAFu I saw on the site:

"Linux drivers are included as loadable kernel modules with kernel 2.6 and higher. To load them, run the following commands as root:

  modprobe -r lp
  modprobe gamecon map=0,1,1,1,1,1"

DSL is on a 2.4.x kernel, I saw no reference to a 2.4.x kernel, so I would look and see if the needed modules are avalible for the 2.4.x kernel. You will probably, at the least be compiling a kernel.  Compiling isn't that hard and there are some good help posts in this forum to go by.

Good luck,

Posted by Determinator on Mar. 08 2006,22:55
Thanks for your reply. So I have to face the worst case :(
Just one more question: if the gamepad should eventually work, is it possible to use it as a mouse? (Since I need an input device to select rom images, start the emulator etc.)

Posted by aveline on Mar. 09 2006,00:14
if your regular mouse is plugged into a serial or usb or ps2 port, the pads will not interfere i'd think unless I'm missing something?


Posted by Determinator on Mar. 09 2006,20:06
if your regular mouse is plugged into a serial or usb or ps2 port, the pads will not interfere i'd think unless I'm missing something?

Sorry if I was unclear... the board is meant to be installed into an (disembowelled) SNES which is set on top of a TV. So I try to use only the ports the original SNES has => no ps2 port
Just FYI: I found a joystick driver which supports SNES controllers on the parallel port:  < http://atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~vojtech/joystick/ >
And a daemon that can execute commands when it recieves joystick input: < http://sourceforge.net/projects/joyd/ >
If it works, I only have to find a way to move the mouse pointer programmatically.

Posted by winga on Mar. 09 2006,20:24
You might want to check out this site.< site >
They have a section in there about the nes/snes controllers on the parallel port.  The schematics look the same as I can see, just not pretty with pictures.  They mention a driver for using it for that kernel.

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