Quake2.dsl How to run in fullscreen mode ?

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Topic: Quake2.dsl How to run in fullscreen mode ?
started by: labiloute

Posted by labiloute on Mar. 11 2006,16:32
Hello everybody.

this concern quake2.dsl
Im searching the console command to run quake2 in full screen mode, or instead fullscreen mode, 800x600 for exemple. Do anynone know how?

For those who don't know how to make quake2.dsl working :
Download the shareware version of quake 2 for WIndows on idsoftware.com (its an .exe approximatly 40 Mo).

Extract every files in a temporary forlder in your windows.

Copy all files in foler basq2 in the folder /home/dsl/.quake2/baseq2 generated by the quake2.dsl load.

Start quake2 by : /use/games/quake2
it works ! but... in 320x200..... snif.

If anyone can help me to put it in fullscreen or 800x600. Thanks.

Posted by labiloute on Mar. 13 2006,11:52
Nobody knows ?
or nobody use Quake II for dsl ?

Posted by 300c_pilot on Mar. 13 2006,14:34
I do not, but I will try to run it and see what I can learn.

Posted by labiloute on Mar. 13 2006,16:00
Thanks !
And all my greetings for everyone who contribute to DSL !
LB (France)

Posted by jls legalize on Mar. 14 2006,12:10
click on video on the first menu of quake2, change to 800x600 and click apply.
U don't need to copy, u can symlink the .pak.
I noticed that is possible to save games only if u run quake2 as root

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Posted by labiloute on Mar. 14 2006,12:37
Apply !

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