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Topic: smaller & easier games for children
started by: monocycle

Posted by monocycle on April 14 2006,07:55
hi all

i installed dsl into good old 486 and i need some advice...
where can i find small & easy games for children?

i already found this great site:
< MyDSL Repository >

some of those games are quite large, and some don't even have
buttons for exiting the game... the kids don't know how to exit
those games and then they just simply boot dsl :D

i would like to have games like puzzle, maze, point & click and
so on... so please ppl paste some good links.

oh, and thanx for dsl. now my life is a lot easier :)

Posted by mikshaw on April 14 2006,12:50
Did you try Xjig?  If not, try the uci in comes with a gui and can use formats other than just gif (with imagemagick).  If that one directory is the only one you saw in the repository, go up one and you'll find many more applications.
Supertux is kinda small for what it is (a supermario clone) nephew likes to play that one.
There are a number of smaller games in there.  I agree that there should be more puzzles, but I personally haven't found many that are both small and fun. (no...tetris is not fun...)

Posted by lovdsl on April 14 2006,15:44
Xgammon and xmahjongg and penta, a five in a row,are fun for all ages, if you are useing mikshaws jig.dsl then just right click the top of the window and chose kill client to exit or as mentioned try the uci. the included pegged game if not found yet may also be fun
Posted by mikshaw on April 14 2006,17:48
Many games will accept the escape key as either a way to end the game or to access a menu of options.
Posted by AwPhuch on April 14 2006,23:40
I dont know how well a 486 would handle a GBA (Game Boy Advanced) emulator..but those games are quite fun...I believe they have the emulator in .dsl format



Posted by anaconda on April 15 2006,11:17
supertux doesn´t work with 486. It is a bit too slow even with my pentium 266MHz laptop..

Try to find a C64 emulator for DSL. Those games are really light and fun. (I have 6000 C64 games.. and emulator :D)

It is suprising what they could make for 4,7MHz C64. Good games with graphics and sounds etc

One good emulator can be found at:
< >

and ~6000 games can be found for example from: (only 500MB)
< >

Have fun  :D

Posted by anaconda on April 15 2006,11:26
And you can kill any X-program in DSL using xkill...

right click anywhere on the desktop, ant it is in  aplications/tools/xkill or something like it.

Then just press left mouse button to kill the nonresponsive program..

Posted by Ploppy on Nov. 19 2007,22:39
Hi monocycle ,about games for children , forget about linux :P use dosbox or on your 486 make a dos partition , i.e. with russian pts-dos (thats what i did) and look at : "" for games like "playroom","mother goose" or "hangman" , I think those old dos programs do a lot for their small diskspace
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