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started by: lovdsl

Posted by lovdsl on April 18 2006,08:19
Was wondering if anyone knew of a poker and or crib game that works on dsl..if I had poker, crib and pinball for dsl I could turn the other win95box into a dsl box..but I like to play those games sometimes..ultimate cribbage and sepoker are win freeware but likely have a linux counterpart I can not seem to find..thanks for any
Posted by lovdsl on April 19 2006,04:25
Posted by mikshaw on April 19 2006,04:56
why nevermind?  You give up, or did you find an answer?  Personally I haven't found any decent pinball games for Linux in general, let alone getting them into DSL.
Posted by anaconda on April 19 2006,12:55
Have you tried Wine windows emulator? Some windows programs run wery well with it.

I tried freespider, and it worked even better than in windows... (faster in DSL)

If there is some program that holds you in windows, try running it in linux. Maybe it works :D

Posted by lovdsl on April 20 2006,05:45
It is a longer story but shorter..the other win95 box is and old scsi box that I would like to try with dsl..when I booted it up to see what I was keeping on it , I realized that I had almost duplicated the programs on the dsl project..I still have many books that xpdf does not like and these games aswell as a sticky note and a globe..all great freeware..but they will run on another machine, I just have to install win95 etc... so it does not really matter, I just have to take the time to copy the files. and find the back up for the programs and see they work..I do not like to mix buisness with had little interest in attempting to run win programs on linux or running dsl in win or dual booting...I like dsl and linux as dsl and linux..I need a win machine to access some sites as gov sites cater to microsoft..that machine does not like these programs..These games are not found in the repository or in apt-get and I do not know how to install a freeware found on the web..some of them are available as tar.gz or tar but require knowledge I do not have..I anticipated no fast solution..balbabla...nevermind : ) so I posted nevermind : )
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