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Topic: your favorite games??
started by: dellorto

Posted by dellorto on July 10 2006,16:59
hello guys,

what are your favorite games?

linux / dsl?

my old laptop is not that strong machine and i am in search of some addictive small games.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 12 2006,07:39
tetrinet, if you're into multiplayer ;p
Posted by Zucca on July 12 2006,09:55
Supertux. \o/ :D
Posted by okko on July 12 2006,19:08
heretic, doom
Posted by faroutscience on July 13 2006,12:35
I enjoy eboard / crafty chess.


Posted by Zucca on July 13 2006,13:54
ADOM, a bunch of retro games (via emulator), PrBoom...
Posted by 300c_pilot on July 14 2006,06:59
I do not play it on DSL but there is one called Sokoban that taxes your mind... I like it.

Everything else I play on windows cuz it is easier. So far I have run America's Army, COD, CODUO, Battlefield2, Battlefield 2 Special Forces, all the servers for these games on DSL, RedHat/Fedora & CentOS.


Posted by Zucca on July 16 2006,18:03
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Nice site.

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