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started by: Casper

Posted by Casper on July 13 2006,20:58
ok so i am brand new to linux, i have never used it before i got DSL. I really got it because my teacher at ITT Tech was using it and it really interested me.

Well i got it, its works fine, except for 2 things. I cant seem to figure out how to change the setting to let me into certain files. I am locked out.
I want into the HOST file to edit it.

And the hell do i get the games to run. I went to my dsl and downloaded a game, and cant run it?

I know to yall im probably a moron, but please help.
Thanks in advance,

Posted by newOldUser on July 13 2006,22:40
When you boot up in DSL you are automatically logged in as a user call 'DSL'.  That user does not have permission to change the /etc/hosts file.  You can view the permissions of a file in emelFM. Right-click on the file and select properties....permissions.

The bottom line...

To change /etc/hosts  right-click on the emelfm icon on the desktop and select emelfm as Super User. Then you should be able to edit /etc/hosts.  

After you edit, and while the hosts file name is highlighted in emelfm, use the ADD2FILETOOL button in emelfm to add /etc/hosts to your backup. That way it will be there the next time you boot.

As for the games... you'll have to give more info. What game was it?

Posted by 300c_pilot on July 14 2006,00:41
No one is ever going to call you a moron here and mean it.
Let us know which game it is and which DSL version you have.

There are an awful lot of games that run on this little OS... :)
Smooth Flights.

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