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Topic: Icebreaker
started by: 1-3-3-7

Posted by 1-3-3-7 on Aug. 07 2006,03:33
I recently downloaded this game thats like Jezzball (old windows game which is pretty fun) it's called IceBreaker

The game has a windows and linux version, I did not try the linux version, as I use windows as my main OS, and I occasionally use DSL, so I'd like to know how to install IceBreaker

here's the homepage for it :

< >

Which do I download, and how do I install?

Thanks in advanced for anyone that can help me , and I think this game should be intergrated with DSL  :)  or at least DSL:N

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Aug. 08 2006,06:09
Easy try: apt-get it (use a livecd/frugal)
You'll probably have to manually extract the data. You could make an extension as well then.
It requires SDL - you can get that from myDSL.

Posted by jls legalize on Aug. 08 2006,08:16
loaded sdl-libs.dsl from the multimedia button of the mydsl icon then enabled apt then downloaded < icebreaker >
Code Sample
dpkg -i --force-all icebr*.deb

then u can start the game by typing icebreaker

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