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started by: nonewmsgs

Posted by nonewmsgs on July 03 2007,01:11
i untarred colem and i have a bunch of c souce files and heades and a makefile and a colem.doc.  the makefile is Makefile.

sudo su (this was supposed to eliminate this weird problem but DIDNT

./Makfile permission denied

#sudo Makefile
command not found


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 03 2007,01:46
I'd suggest reading the docs.

If you want an explanation, and an understanding on what you did... here's my attempt at it.
What you are trying to do is execute the text file "Makefile."  This will be denied because permissions on regular files by default on unix-like systems can never be executable.  Invoking things as root just to try it out is not recommended, especially if you are not sure what you are doing.  However, makefiles are not meant to be executed, but rather is the default script name for "make" which you probably need and invoke.

You'll probably need one of the gcc* packages in mydsl at the minimum, but you should check your (minimum) requirements.

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