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Topic: Compiling gnuboy 1.0.3
started by: Gustav

Posted by Gustav on May 07 2008,22:01
Hi all,
I'm trying to compile the gnuboy (version 1.0.3) on DSL, but gcc gives me some errors. It does not need any special libraries to compile, and is known to build on many *nix variants. Here's some info:
Architecture: i386
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.2.4-4), xlibs (>> 4.1.0)
I already installed gnu-utils, gcc1-with-libs, linux-kernel-headers, libc6 and libc6-dev through myDSL. Can anyone help me please? Should I try with an older version?

Posted by lucky13 on May 08 2008,01:42
gcc gives me some errors

What kind of errors? The more specific you are, the more help you'll get.

It does not need any special libraries to compile

"Special" is relative.

Posted by Jason W on May 08 2008,02:19
gnuboy-1.0.3 builds fine on DSL here with gnu-utils.unc loaded and compile-3.3.5.uci and no XFree or Xorg loaded.  I just told pkg-config where to find the .pc files:

# export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/compile-3.3.5/lib/pkgconfig/

Then ./configure && make && make install.  That is about it for a basic build.



Posted by Juanito on May 08 2008,03:52
gnuboy-1.0.3 builds fine on DSL here with gnu-utils.unc...

- be careful about all the xlibs in gnu-utils, unless you're using a unc made from the very latest version of gnu-utils.dsl where Roberts stripped out all the xlibs, etc

I just told pkg-config where to find the .pc files:

- interesting, I never had to include compile-3.3.5 in PKG_CONFIG_PATH before, doesn't including it in in CPPFLAGS and the lib symlinks to /lib, /usr/lib do away with this need?

In fact (not to get too far off topic), I realised that I should probably remove the headers/pc files for the compile utilities that are not in the dsl base (textinfo, bison, flex, etc).

Posted by andrewb on May 08 2008,07:25
Just to get even more off-topic.... what do you do when pkg-config fails as it can't find the .pc files? I have been trying to compile the lastest gtkam & running into numerous problems with  pkg-config when executing the configure scripts for gtkam, gphoto & the libraries they depend on (e.g. libexif etc).
Posted by Juanito on May 08 2008,09:27
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