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started by: biggestlinuxnubever

Posted by biggestlinuxnubever on Jan. 29 2005,04:07
well, as my name says...i am one.
first of all, i appologize for spelling/grammer, i am on a jornada 720 (large pda).
ive installed DSL onto a 128MB CF card and it boots from a USB reader fine. easy enough. ive got a fat firewire HD (250GB) that i would like to run apps off of.
what i need to do is install the "half life dedicated server"
i have NO idea what so ever on what i am doing. i just got in to linux because booting a complete OS of a mini cd, or CF card, or even floppy just is got to be the greatest thing ever.

if i get this running fine, ill format my windows server and install everthing on that so it wont lagg after loading off of the firewire HD.

so if anyone knows anything about this...ill be very happy to give you admin on that server for help. the only problem is the server runs out of my basement (eeek!).

Posted by firefly2442 on Feb. 03 2005,20:09
If you can install DSL to a hard drive it would be pretty easy to install Counterstrike.  I assume you mean the original version, not Source.  Grab the half life dedicated server .bin as well as the CS .tar.gz and follow the instructions.  There are LOTS of guides out there.

< >

Here's a great one

< >

And the HOW-TO that even I could follow. :)  Good luck.

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