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Topic: A Request. Duke Nukem 3D.
started by: Yart

Posted by Yart on Jan. 30 2005,08:08
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I'm sure theres a lot of people here who love the classic, Duke Nukem 3D, as much as I do. I had tons of fun with this game back in the old days of DOS... but those days are unfortunately over.

HOWEVER! I have a request.
The source code to Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition may be found here. (Just scroll down the page until you see where it's written "duke3dsource.zip" under "Duke Nukem 3D")
< http://www.3drealms.com/downloads.html >
(Or to simplify things, just click here for the .zip without even having to go to the page.
< ftp://ftp.3drealms.com/source/duke3dsource.zip > )
It has been released by the game company, 3D Realms, themselves and is distributed for free and is 100% legal to download. Would someone be able to recompile this for DamnSmallLinux? I believe the game was written in either C or C++.

If anyone can do this... oh my gosh! I would love you! Seriously!

Well, I'm off, so... nights!

Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 31 2005,05:00
That would be cool, and it is GPL so it could be used as an extension, but the source code available from your link is made for Windows.  If it was to be compiled for Linux the code would need to be modified...something I definitely don't know how to do.  I'm guessing that if there was a Linux version of the source code we could put that into DSL
Posted by Yart on Jan. 31 2005,06:23
Ahh... Windows only code eh?
That sucks... :/

Posted by Lärs on Feb. 23 2005,23:50
Actually, I believe there is a Linux OpenGL port of Duke Nukem 3D somewhere online.  Since the source is free, it only makes sense that the Linux Community would jump on such a classic :P .  Just do a google search for the Tux Game Tome and search their site for Duke Nukem 3D.  They have details on the Linux Port.
Posted by Lärs on Feb. 23 2005,23:50
Oh and btw the original source is for DOS, heh.
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