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started by: sunburnt

Posted by sunburnt on Feb. 14 2005,05:09
I setup DSL on my moms PC after WinBlows blew for about the
    30ith time and she loves the simplicity of it.

I love that I`ll probably never again have to fix any software,
    just hardware if IT ever goes south.

She loves her solitare, all forms of it, for her it`s all that`s missing.

Is there an easy setup solitare suite for DSL, and how to do it?

Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Feb. 14 2005,06:24
Ace of Penguins is in the extension repository, it's a heap of card games, and tiny.  Just click'n'load from the MyDSL GUI, or download the file and load it from within emelfm (see the mydsl threads for more info if you don't know about the extensions)
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