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started by: clivesay

Posted by clivesay on Mar. 07 2005,14:18
All -

I have been playing with SaidinUnleashed' dosbox extension. I have classic Space Invaders, PacMan and a Virtual Pool (billiards) games running flawlessly as .dsl's with sound!

I have noticed that there are a TON of dos gaming sites and I don't have the time or the knowledge to research and try them all. Some games have not worked in dosbox and I don't know if there is a physical reason for that or if there is something in the game setup I am missing. The thing I like about the dos games is that it (1) takes me back to my youth (2) are VERY small in many cases. They are just perfect for DSL, especially if you want to pack a ton of stuff on a pendrive.  :)

This is an opportunity to learn how to build your first .dsl file. Actually, they all will run from /opt so you will have a tar.gz!

You can d/l the Space Invaders tar.gz in Testing to see how I set it up. You have a dosbox.conf file that you have to edit at the bottom and add to your game directory and then add a special line in the fluxbox menu entry. This will allow you to launch the game directly into dosbox as long as you have dosbox installed.

So, is anyone "game"?  :p

Posted by ke4nt1 on Mar. 07 2005,16:11
Yes, count me IN !!

Hopefully, the .tar.gz's will vaporize soon, as I convert most
of them to 'uninstallable' .uci files ..

I will post specifics of how-to make .uci's from .tar.gz's in the near future,
as well as some guidelines to the new requirements for making tar.gz's and .dsl files for DSL from various sources ..


Posted by clivesay on Mar. 07 2005,16:33
Have we increased the number of .uci's we can run at one time in DSL? Because if I understand correctly, we want to convert ALL tar.gz's regardless of size?


Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Mar. 08 2005,06:04
I've got a package of Mortal Kombat 2 made, but, as posted elsewhere, I'm unsure of the settings, 'cause whilst it works smoothly on my machine, when I tried it on another machine it ran badly, and the machine had OK specs.

I downloaded a few older, smaller games the other day (eg. Prince of Persia), but haven't gotten around to testing and packaging them yet.

.uci would definitely be good.

Posted by reidar on Mar. 08 2005,07:46
I have just started making dsl packages, and I also happen to love the old dos games. I will also try to make some dsl-versions of the old dos-games!

One really good website for old dosgames is:

< >

This site gives a presentations of hundreds of abandoned dos-games, with nice descriptions, screenshots, etc. And of course you can download them! Another nice thing, is that you can see if the game works in dosbox!


Posted by clacker on Mar. 15 2005,18:37
dosbox rocks.  Marvelous work, SaidinUnleashed, you made probably my favorite dsl so far.  It works so much better than freedos.

I can't believe I was able to play Red Barron again.  I used to love that game.  Also some of the old adventure games like Spellcasting 101 Sorcerers Gets All the Girls were great.  Not that Halo 2 has anything to worry about, but some of those old games brought some imagination into the picture to fill in the blanks left by the poor graphics.

Thanks for the link, reidar.  The link doesn't go to the right place (you spelled it "" in the link) but typing it in by hand it works fine.  I also like looking in < Home of the Underdogs >.  They have a lot more files, but the reviews aren't as well done.

Posted by clivesay on Mar. 15 2005,18:49
clacker -

That is a great link! Thanks.


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