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started by: isophex

Posted by isophex on May 29 2005,21:38

I would just like to give a notice that it would be really great if someone made a .dsl package for Freeciv 2.0. (Freeciv is an open source strategy game). The game is already avaiable in MyDSL, but only version 1.12.0 of Freeciv is there (and that version is years old)

Thanks. The latest source code for Freeciv can be downloaded from < >

Posted by ke4nt1 on June 06 2005,05:57
I second the motion..


Any takers?

The Mrs. and I have been civ-junkies since Civ first hit the shelves.
I still like civ2 - multiplayer the best,  .. of all of them..


Posted by RiBeZ on July 27 2005,07:40
yes, i want freeciv 2 for dsl :blues:
Posted by Gamer! on Oct. 14 2005,20:26
Yes! I would like to see an update of Freeciv to the latest 2.0.6 soon!

Thanks in advance!

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