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started by: jesseakc

Posted by jesseakc on June 07 2005,13:37
I'm not a gamer.  My friend however is.  I've been preaching to him about DSL, but he wont even try it out.  He says "why try something I am never going to use?"  He wont try anything Linux because he is affraid that he wont be able to play his games.

My question to you is, how do these games run on DSL with Wine?  I've heard some games run even a little faster on other distros then windows.  Let me know what you think and if you've tried it.


Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on June 07 2005,14:08
Quite a few new games are being released natively under Linux, so you don't need WINE for them.
Try the demo of UT2004 - reasonably easy to get going under DSL once you have 3d acceleration going with the XFree86 and nVidia packages (assuming you have an nvidia card).  For me it works faster under DSL than under XP.

Hell, half of the old windows games no longer work under XP anyway...  and a lot of the new ones are being released natively for linux...  so gaming's looking better!

Posted by jesseakc on June 07 2005,19:07
But what about Wine?  Have you used it on DSL yet?  Do games run as smooth on it as they do in Windows?
Posted by ke4nt1 on June 07 2005,20:41
Ah yes..   g a m e s  !!   :)

Here are some older links in the gaming section of some
screenies that I have running several games in wine in dsl.
They perform fine with some minor adjustments..

Soldier of Fortune II
<;t=4144 >

High Heat Baseball 2003
<;t=4146 >

<;t=4143 >

This list doesn't require wine to run under DSL..

Quake II, UT2003/UT2004, RTCW, Myth II,
Heroes III-Might & Magic, Tuxracer, Foobillard, Heretic II,
Frozen Bubble, Briquolo, Wolfenstein, Spear of Destiny,
Enrapture, Wesnoth, Chromium, Railroad Tycoon II,
Cube, Freeciv, Wolfenstein ET, Torcs, Quake III Arena


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on June 08 2005,04:29

You people and your fancy-schmancy games with their shiny 3d graphics.

I need them not.

NetHack consumes my soul.

Posted by scaredanonymous on June 16 2005,00:45
So, how does one go about installing WINE under DSL?  I've got a bootable pendrive with DSL on it.  However, I don't see any knoppix-compatible binaries for wine anywhere.  Am I missing something?  Or do I need to compile the damned thing myself?  And, if so, how?
Posted by irkab1rka on June 20 2005,23:49
Brave words from the guy (SaidinUnleashed) who contributed the ATI related stuff to DSL :laugh:


You people and your fancy-schmancy games with their shiny 3d graphics.

I need them not.

NetHack consumes my soul.

Posted by jesseakc on June 22 2005,20:59
I think someone should make a DSL Game Remaster.  It could be loaded with Games, Wine, and maybe XFree86?  Lets say, you are visiting your sister's kids, you pop in the CD, and away they go with hours of DSL Funness!  What do you guys think?
Posted by ke4nt1 on June 22 2005,22:02
Xfree86 is machine specific, and the version in DSL requires
some handiwork/tweaks for it to operate, because of the
nature of the liveCD/myDSL environment..
( unlike knoppix, which has Xfree built-in at boottime. )

Even with knoppix, you still need to d/l and install NVidia ..

So, getting Xfree86 to run in any box, at boottime,
without it being a native part of DSL, stifles your plan a bit...
Same with wine, which is also very system specific.
( it needs to be installed to be effective for your box.. )

But , there are lots of fun games and other things to do
that don't require the XFree86 server to use and enjoy..  

Let's Make a DSL Game CD!

1. Make a directory on some LARGE freespace somewhere
    on a partition called /master

2. Make another directory next to it called /iso

3. 'cd' yourself inside the one called /master ,
      and make a directory called /optional ( /master/optional )

4. Now, copy all of the extensions you want on your game CD
   into the /master/optional directory..
   ( this could be hundreds, maybe plan on using a DVD-R ? )

5. For the few that you want to load at boottime
   ( i.e. gnu-utils.dsl , dsl-dpkg.dsl , samba.dsl )
 Leave them outside the /optional directory,
  in the master directory.

6. Now , open the desktop menu, and select mkmydsl.
    Follow the prompts and enter the locations for
    your master and iso directory locations ..
( You might need a DSL CD for this step in your drive )

7. Once complete, use your favorite burning program to
   burn the new 'mydsl.iso' file found inside the /iso directory
   onto some media that will hold it.. CD=700MB DVD=4.4GB

   I use the shell command 'cdrecord' for burning cd's,
   and the tkdvd.dsl app for DVD-R's..

8. Once burned, reboot with the newly burned
   media in your drive, and enjoy.

If used on another PC, the X desktop may be set incorrectly.

If so, use 'alt-F1' to exit the Xserver load attempt,
and run to reconfigure it to whatever
the new PC might need..  then run startx to "Start X" ..

The usual bootcodes apply at boottime .. ( fb800x600 ) etc...


Posted by AwPhuch on June 23 2005,19:09
I wonder if < Transgaming Technologies > makes a Codega debianinstall, and if it does I wonder if DSL would support all the deps outta the box?
Cedega allows Windows-based games to run on Linux, out-of-the-box, seamlessly and transparently. With Cedega, TransGaming does not require any access to a game's source code but, rather, runs the Windows executable on Linux. In simplified terms, Cedega loads a game's binary into memory on a Linux system and then dynamically links to code that provides an implementation of the Win32 APIs that the program is using. The APIs that Windows games are mostly built on top of are primarily based on Microsoft's DirectX system. These APIs include facilities for handling 3D graphics (Direct3D), mouse and keyboard input (DirectInput), audio (DirectSound), and so on. TransGaming works to create Linux compatible versions of these APIs that work on top of the Linux equivalents such as OpenGL, X11, and the OSS and ALSA sound APIs. An important attribute of Cedega is the complete support for third party engines and SDKs such as Bink, Lithtech, Miles, Havok, Renderware, etc. Cedega is the culmination of several years of effort on these API and our engineering team's knowledge of DirectX is probably second only to Microsoft's own.

Cedega support hundreds of the top Windows games on Linux, including such blockbuster hits as Max Payne 2, GTA Vice City, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Vietnam, WarCraft III, Diablo II, Half-Life, just to name a few; MMPORG games such as City of Heroes, Star Wars Galaxies, EverQuest and many many more are also supported. Cedega's success to-date has been based on TransGaming's ability to keep pace with the tremendous number of new games being released regularly and in delivering equivalent game-play experience and performance. For more information on our progress with specific games, you can browse our < games database. >

Check it out


Posted by ke4nt1 on June 23 2005,19:14
Yes, they make a version for knoppix/debian,
but for a handsome subscription fee .

< >


Posted by mangatono on July 15 2005,20:54
Hello , a another question from me :D

wine writes error > no devel package located, please install.

I downloaded devel.rpm > not working

someone writes >try KDELIBS-DEV > not working

i searched on synaptic... and tried libraries..... > not working.

please, cann you give me devel package who works on 100% ???

Posted by ke4nt1 on July 24 2005,09:44
1. install dsl-dpkg.dsl and gnu-utils.dsl
2. as root, edit /etc/apt/sources.list - change oldstable to stable
3. run in root shell --> apt-get update
4. run in root shell. --> apt-get install wine winesetuptk
( also add libwine-print or libwine-alsa if you print or use alsa )
5. run in userdsl shell --> winesetup
6. enjoy


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