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started by: capitanking

Posted by capitanking on June 28 2005,21:32
how can i do to see XMAME in full screen???
Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on June 29 2005,00:40
I can't find the info at the moment, you could maybe try editing the menu link (might be in /tmp/mydsl.menu ?), adding the resolution you want, eg "-320x240" might give you fullscreen at 320x240 (for faster speed), but I can't say I've tested it.
I did have a command that gave me 2x window size, but I seem to have lost it, and can't find the info on either this or fullscreen in the mame docs.

Posted by jls legalize on June 30 2005,16:46
for mame u can try advance mame or knoppix mame live distro
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