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Topic: Help with Installing!!!
started by: Zubr

Posted by Zubr on Aug. 21 2005,16:46
Hi there!
There is a problem -
found a gooood game (Wolfshtein 3D at < > There is 2 folders in package - opt & tmp
So as I'm the begginer? I tried to launch it but DSL says? that it can not (smth about "")/

SOMEBODY, teach me! Please post step by step installation[U]!!!!
I think, there is more begginers than only me....

Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 21 2005,17:28
Beginners need to follow wisdom, and take the time
to read the docs and info files that reside where the files are ..

Minimum, you will need to install Xfree86.dsl ,
and nvidia.dsl if you have an nvidia card for maximum performance.
They contain the gl files that the errors mention.

< >

Title:                   wolfgl.tar.gz
Description:       Wolfenstein 3D
Version:             0.93
Copying-policy: GPL
-----==[  Color = green     Filesize:   648K  ]==-----
Extension by:    ke4nt
Comments:       Old IDSoftware title - first person 3d shooter
                        REQUIRES XFree86.dsl and nvidia.dsl or you own MesaGL
Current:            01/12/2005 - First version


Posted by Zubr on Aug. 22 2005,08:09
Thanks a lot!!!
Posted by ke4nt on Aug. 23 2005,05:24
Do you have an nvidia card?
If so, It can run all the 3d games..

If not, maybe you have the old DOS wolfenstein3D?
It may run in dosbox for you , without 3D and Xfree/NVidia


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